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Selling your Home

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Why select Harcourts Paramount to sell your property?


Choosing the right agent to sell your home can make a difference. If you are selling your home it is important to get it right the first time. Like tradespeople, doctors or any other profession, there is a difference between agents. If your property is not efficiently marketed from day one you can quite often crash and burn the sale which will ultimately affect the end result being your sale price.
At Harcourts Paramount we deploy the "you can't sell a secret" philosophy when tailoring a marketing strategy to best suit the needs of the property. A well planned and executed Marketing Campaign is critical to the success of the selling process, the better the marketing campaign, the greater your chances are obtaining the best price. Our consultants have a clear understanding of the principles of marketing and will develop a marketing strategy which is appropriate for the sale of your home that will effectively reach all potential buyers currently in the market place.
There are numerous avenues available for advertising your home. We advertise weekly in the local newspapers, we place multiple pictures and details on all top real estate sites, we distribute 15,000 full colour monthly Property Magazines locally, display properties in office windows which are ideally situated in key locations, advertise in a leading Asian Newspapers, A4 individual colour brochures are available in our reception foyer and are also distributed locally, prominent signboards are also erected in front of the home further creating an amazing amount of buyer interest. 
This is regular and un-relentless until we find a buyer. Just as important, at Harcourts Paramount, we have a huge database that targets qualified buyers as soon as a property is listed. All buyers will be notified immediately with detailed information on the property. These buyers include Overseas, Interstate and Local buyers. Our listings are also spread throughout the Harcourts network advising other Harcourt offices all over the world of the sale of your property.
Our Sales Team are all trained professionals and have cutting edge technology to benefit the sale. For the best results consult with a Harcourts Paramount sales consultant.